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People Power! How XRP (XRP) and Big Eyes (BIG) Are Being Built By Their Users


Decentralisation of finance is the biggest goal of cryptocurrency. 

With the first blockchain being built in 2008 in response to the financial crisis caused by big banks, giving users complete control over a currency through anonymity and the neutrality of technology has always been at the crypto forefront. However, in the 14 years since the inception of blockchain technology, the ability for users to control their tokens has become even more diverse. 

Two tokens growing and evolving thanks to the community surrounding and using them are Big Eyes (BIG) and XRP (XRP), doing so in completely different ways.  

XRP (XRP) Is An Open Book For Crypto Enthusiasts 

The design philosophy behind XRP (XRP) is to have a cryptocurrency technology that can be used by anyone, in any way. It is open-source, permissionless, and completely decentralised, built on the XRP Ledger blockchain which has had major success due to its quick speed and incredibly cheap costs. 

How the community around XRP (XRP) has allowed it to thrive, however, is through their immense commitment to the technology, and the incredible amount of talent behind those that use it. 

As an open-source technology, the code of XRP (XRP) can be seen and used by anyone, making it the perfect foundation for programmers and developers looking to make dApps or other crypto technologies. By using this code, these programs can be built into the XRP Ledger directly, and as such, gain the many benefits made available by the blockchain’s technology. 

Furthermore, due to being permissionless, XRP (XRP) allows anyone with access to the necessary technology to take part in the validation process. Using a unique mechanism called a Federated Consensus, XRP (XRP) has created a technology that is completely inclusive of all wishing to get involved, however, has made it so that despite the number of individuals potentially involved, the blockchain is still carbon neutral. 

This is something few blockchains can claim, yet through innovation stemming from the drive for complete decentralisation, XRP (XRP) was able to make an inclusive system that remains environmentally friendly. It makes XRP (XRP), therefore, completely driven by its community, with this innovation a likely factor in its incredible success. 

It is certainly a token worth looking into. 

Big Eyes (BIG) And The Importance Of Community Building 

While the technology behind XRP (XRP) is what brings its user base together, in the case of Big Eyes (BIG), what brings its community together is the token itself and the narrative being built around it. 

Big Eyes (BIG) is a meme token with the expressed desire to bring in new users and wealth into the DeFi ecosystem, doing so to build a sprawling community and diverse ecosystem with many aspects for users to engage with. This is being done through the careful crafting of the token mascot, Big Eyes, providing him with a personality to help drive the project. 

Big Eyes’ (BIG) token mascot is a cute cat, who is said to have been the designer of the Big Eyes (BIG) platform. Despite his appearance, he is very strongly opinionated, driven by goals that will in turn become the goals of the community. This allows the community to rally behind these goals, and in turn, raise the value and notoriety of Big Eyes (BIG) as a whole. 

One such example is the tokens campaign for ocean conservation, with the Big Eyes cat character arguing that, if we do not save the oceans, there will be no more fish for him to eat. It is simple, yet effective, and creates a goal that the community can work towards that fits within the universe the token has created.  

Being a meme coin, Big Eyes (BIG) is solely reliant on its community to build its brand and reputation. As such, it is key for them to build a character that is relatable and marketable, with a strong personality likely to draw users back more frequently to engage with the ecosystem.  

It is also the community that will dictate the trajectory of the token, with many projects in the works designed to bring users back and reinvigorate the community. Some of these projects include the NFT Sushi Crew, where owners of Big Eyes (BIG) inspired NFTs will have the opportunity to participate in real-life meetings and events, and comic books and other media, to expand on the Big Eyes (BIG) universe and characters.  

Overall, Big Eyes (BIG) is a token where the engagement of the community will decide its fate. As such, the token is working hard to engage with that community in a variety of ways, from its unique world and environment, charity causes, and exciting future projects.  

Be sure not to miss out on Big Eyes (BIG)! 

Find out more about Big Eyes (BIG) at: 



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