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Why D2T is the Best Crypto 2022 Investment Opportunity


Throughout the year, the crypto market has continued to gain popularity, which has increased the demand for reliable and competent services that provide digital asset research. Dash 2 Trade is one project that aims to address this requirement. Alongside Tamadoge, Calvaria, and IMPT, Dash2Trade is generating a massive buzz among seasoned investors constantly looking for projects with substantial profit margins. 

The Dash 2 Trade platform is a revolutionary digital ecosystem that offers all the tools and features that crypto traders require to succeed. Dash 2 Trade, or D2T, is notable for holding one of the most successful IEO, as it received wide adoption from top market whales and investors. 

The token’s presale began on October 19 but has had tremendous success in just a few hours. As a result, most cryptocurrency experts have described D2T as one of the most profitable long-term coin market investments.

Before investing in this innovative project, here are a few reasons why securing some D2T tokens might earn you millions in the coming months. 


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An overview of Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is the latest project on presale. The Dash 2 Trade is currently on its third stage presale, which began a few weeks ago and is selling quickly – with currently over 6 million tokens sold already!

The Dash 2 Trade is aimed at helping users make the best of the crypto market. The platform keeps you up to date on the market by allowing you to create and test trading strategies and follow the latest news and on-chain data. Dash 2 Trade shows the data that genuinely influences performance, giving you a full view of the measures that matter most when making trading decisions.

The Dash 2 Trade platform will be launched as an ERC- 20 token on Ethereum and powered by the D2T coin. The platform provides its users with crypto analysts, signals, and social trading capabilities.

This unique platform intends to deliver as much value to traders as possible by providing actionable trading signals, accessible on-chain information, and all of the trading tools required to capitalize on market opportunities.


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4 Unique Dash 2 Trade Features

The advantages of this new and unique platform are just limitless. Aside from the fact that it is an ERC20 token, the platform offers these four unique features to its users;

The selling feature of the Dash 2 Trade dashboard is the social and on-chain analysis insights. This allows dashboard users to identify specific cryptocurrencies that may see substantial price volatility. 

These analytics can track cultural trends across sites like Twitter. The social analytics feature shows how active individual token discussions are, measures traders’ interests, and even how frequently modifications are made.

  • Bespoke Scoring System for Presales and ICOs 

As a crypto trader, it is vital that you keep tabs on the presale space, as it may provide valuable insight regarding where a coin or a crypto space generally is headed. However, keeping track of a coin’s movement can be difficult, especially when you need the right information.

The Dash 2 Trade puts an end to this problem by giving basic information and analytics to assist all traders in determining the validity of presale tokens. The Dash 2 Trade team will manually score projects to analyze critical parameters that automated algorithms cannot evaluate. 

D2T users can easily access new crypto listings identified by the Dash 2 Trade platform. This allows D2T holders to profit from any listing news as it becomes available.

The D2T token presale was hugely successful due to its confirmed 100% security. After thoroughly evaluating the contract code of Dash 2 Trade, SolidProof has been in charge of the project’s security.

CoinSniper validated that and D2T after verifying the project team’s KYC. D2 T’s verification certificate may be seen on their website.

Dash2Trade Presale

The Dash 2 Trade presale began yesterday, October 19, and is set to run through January 31, 2023. However, given the pace at which the coin is selling, the presale might end sooner. The aim is to raise $35,000,000 at the end of the presale, but almost $8,000,000 has already been raised within 24 hours! From these specific activities, it is easy to say the Dash2Trade presale will be the most successful presale of 2022! 

Today, the price of one D2T token is $0.05, which is exceptionally favorable. But don’t get too comfortable thinking there is still time to buy because the price of D2T tokens will increase in the next stage or tomorrow!

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How High Will D2T Surge

The rapid progress of the D2T strongly indicates that the presale will soon end and that it will have some successful listings in the New Year. The question on everyone’s mind now is, “how much can it rise over its presale price”? 

Even though we are still in a bad market, the presale of recent coins has had good debut listings. This was notably true for Tamadoge (TAMA), which raised $19 million in September and then showed a 1,800% return at one point after launching on OKX.

With the firm foundation of the D2T presale and its trading intelligence features, D2T is expected to be in high demand within the cryptocurrency market.


Buy Dash 2 Trade Now (IMPT)

The IMPT coin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency initiative that promises to alter the worldwide carbon credits sector. The IMPT ecosystem makes purchasing, selling, and trading carbon credits easier by organizing them as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, benefiting all parties involved.

ESG-conscious investors invested $12 million into the IMPT token sale in the first months. IMPT’s most enticing feature is its capacity to enable the procurement of carbon credits. 

Carbon credits may be obtained via everyday purchasing, eliminating the need for a time-consuming and expensive investment. Because of IMPT’s partnerships with thousands of leading firms in retail, electronics, travel, and other areas, this is now achievable.

Buying the IMPT token is a wise investment; if you seek a platform with the potential for a great ROI, you should hit the link below and secure an IMPT token for yourself.


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Calvaria (RIA)

The Calvaria crypto project intends to use a play-to-earn battle card game to accelerate the general public’s acceptance of cryptocurrency. The project’s goal is to create the first trustworthy intermediary between the crypto sphere and the “real world.”

This development will be completed by creating a playable and enjoyable game that is available on PCs and mobile app stores. This game can also compete in the Web 2.0 gaming industry.

There will also be two variations of the games. The first will be widely available in app stores and will be available for free. The alternative version will be a play-to-earn model that includes all blockchain features. This will make the game more accessible without the restrictive entry barriers that currently discourage non-crypto users.


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Tamadoge (TAMA)

Earlier this month, Tamadoge released its first NFT collection. While this collection sold out rapidly, temporarily reaching the top of the OpenSea trending list, Tamadoge has recently unveiled its second collection, a series of 1,000 uncommon NFTs, which ended yesterday, October 19. The collection closed with TAMA price trading at a range of $0.028 – $0.029 

Tamadoge finished the daily candle at slightly over $0.029, confirming the bullish hammer candle. Despite the gloomy outlook, “CoinCodex,” a price tracking site, expects Tamadoge will rise to hit the $0.04 mark in the coming week.

Tamadoge is now outperforming Bitcoin, gaining 2% today, while Bitcoin has lost 1%. Now that is a token you must own.


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Final Thoughts

The first hours of the Dash2Trade resale show that this will be the most successful crypto presale in 2022. Only 35 million D2T tokens are available on Dash2Trade’s presale. These tokens are sold for as low as 0.0476 USDT. Given Dash 2 Trade’s essential features, there’s a reasonable probability this token will sell out sooner than expected, which means investors must act fast to secure a share of this token.

Investing in the D2T currency is a great way to end this year! Many cryptocurrency investors have noticed the coin’s potential, so don’t be left out!

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